Two-volume hardback/slipcase monograph, comprehensively illustrated, one covering paintings, one covering graphics, to be published by RA Publications 2022

Stephen Chambers The Court of Redonda, with essays by Emma Hill, Rod Mengham and Kathleen Soriano (published on the occasion of the exhibition The Court of Redonda by Stephen Chambers, a Collateral Event of the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, 2017) (C)

Stephen Chambers The Big Country and Other Stories, with texts by Rod Mengham, Randy Lerner and Alison Wilding RA (Pera Museum, Istanbul, 2015) (C)

Stephen Chambers RA, Trouble Meets Trouble and other recent works, with essay by Mark Hudson (The Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives, 2013) (C)

Artists’ Laboratory 06 Stephen Chambers RA “The Big Country”, with texts by Paul Huxley RA and Rod Mengham. Interview by Alison Wilding RA (Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2012) (C)

One and a Half Corners, with essay by Martin Herbert (Flowers, London, 2010) (C)

Stephen Chambers, by Andrew Lambirth (Unicorn Press, 2008) (B)

Stephen Chambers, The Martyrdom of St Ursula, The Venice Project/Artists’ International Print Project, with text by Emma Hill (Flowers Graphics, London, 2005) (C)

The Wilds of London, Poetry Pamphlet Series 1, No.2, with poems by Robert Vas Dias and watercolours and photographs by Stephen Chambers (Robert Vas Dias, London, 2006) (B)

Recent Paintings (Galerie Frank Pages, 2005) (C)

Eye to Eye 1987-2002, with essay by Martin Gayford (Frissiras Museum, Athens, 2002) (C)

Stephen Chambers, Neue Arbeiten (Galerie Kemper, Munich 2001) (C)

The Continuing Significance of Worry Beads (Flowers East, London, 2000) (C)

Stephen Chambers, Paintings, The Kettle’s Yard and Downing College Fellow 1998-1999, with text by Emma Hill and Sasha Craddock (Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 1998) (C)

Stephen Chambers, Silent Running (Flowers East, London, 1998) (C)

Stephen Chambers, This Man is a Leopard & other Recent Paintings (Flowers East, London, 1995) (C)

Stephen Chambers, with text by Gerard Wilson (Flowers East, London, 1991) (C)

Recent Paintings, with text by Isabella Oulton (Flowers East, 1988) (C)


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